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SIP Goal Calculator

Target Goal Amount

(₹1 Lac to 10 Cr)

Current Savings

(₹0 to 10 Cr)

Time To Go (Years)


(1 to 30 Yrs)

Annual Rate of Return (%)


(1 to 30%)

Annual Step Up (%)


(0 to 30%)


Total Invested


Wealth Gain


Monthly SIP Needed

Total Invested

Wealth Gain

SIP Goal Calculator

A Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is a way to invest a pre-determined amount in mutual funds at regular intervals. However, knowing how much you need to invest every month might not be easy. SIP calculator, an online tool, makes it easy to calculate how much money you need to invest through SIP to reach your goal amount.

Increasing your SIP amount every year can help you reach your investment goals faster. To know your SIP amount, simply enter your goal amount, the number of years left to the period to the goal, existing savings, and the expected return rate. You can add the percentage you are looking to improve your SIP every year to calculate your monthly SIP.

What is SIP Goal Calculator?

A SIP Calculator is a digital tool for calculating the monthly SIP investment. The calculator operates based on your inputs. Simple inputs, such as the target amount, the estimated rate of return, the investment tenure, prior savings (if any) and the step-up rate, are required.

We should note that the SIP calculator only provides an estimate based on the specified values. The SIP Goal Calculator does not guarantee returns. The fund's performance determines any mutual fund's return. Furthermore, the actual return on a mutual fund investment may be higher or lower than the SIP Calculator's prediction.

How does SIP Goal Calculator work?

It is easy to use WealthZi’s SIP Goal calculator, and you can figure out the SIP amount you need to invest every month instantly.

Step 1: Add your target amount, i.e., the amount you plan to accumulate.

Step 2: If you have made savings for this goal, calculate that amount, and add it to Current Savings.

Step 3: Input the time left to achieve your goals, and the expected rate of return.

Step 4: Add the rate at which you plan to grow your SIP amount every year.

After adding all these details, you will see the monthly SIP amount you need to invest to reach your target amount.

Let us consider you want to accumulate Rs.50 lakhs over the next five years with an initial investment amount of Rs. 10 lakhs. You are also planning to increase the SIP amount by 5% every year. If we take a conservative 8% annual return, you need to make a monthly SIP of Rs.42,217 per month in the first year.

Benefits of using SIP Goal Calculator

Before setting up a SIP, calculating the SIP amount through a SIP calculator is a good idea.Easy to use: The SIP Goal Calculator is an online calculator. Investors don't have to do any manual calculation to figure out their SIP amount, as they can calculate their SIP online through Wealthzi’s SIP Goal Calculator.

Estimate the SIP Amount: It is best to have a proper plan if you are serious about achieving your goals. Likewise, if you plan to start an SIP to accumulate the desired corpus, our SIP Goal calculator can help you estimate the SIP amount you need to make every month.

Step Up: Increasing the SIP amount every year can make it easier to reach your financial goals faster. WealthZi SIP Goal Calculator allows investors to calculate their SIP amount if they increase their SIP amount by a certain percentage every year.

Considers prior investment: If you have prior investments, the SIP goal calculator considers the amount while calculating the SIP amount.

FAQs on SIP Goal Calculator

Who can use SIP Goal Calculator?
Any individual with internet access who wants to know their SIP amount can use the SIP Goal Calculator.

Why should I use SIP Goal Calculator?
It is crucial to figure out the amount you will need to invest every month in accumulating the required amount for proper financial planning. If you do not use the SIP Goal Calculator, you may find it challenging to plan for your goals.

How can I calculate the target amount?
To figure out your target amount, figure out the current cost of your financial goal and, depending on the time, you can add the expected inflation rate. An inflation calculator can help you figure that amount.


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