About us

Wealthzi is an independent digital wealth management company that will help you grow your wealth with the help of expert advice and technology and diligently selected financial products that is suitable to your financial profile and goals.

Our advice is delivered through a combination of human advisors and technology, aided by data analytics and machine learning/artificial intelligence.

Wealthzi's ideal client is an individual who have set ambitious goals for herself in her personal and professional life. She is not an average investor, and so doesn't want to leave the matters of wealth or finance to chance.

Wealthzi is comprised of a group of professionals with decades of experience in wealth management, private banking, entrepreneurship and technology, who combine their expertise to build unique solutions for growing the wealth of our esteemed clients.

The name wealthzi is inspired by Chinese word 'Zi' which means 'to grow' and "multiply' – and we aim to grow or multiply our clients' networth many-fold.